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...is now Open for Everyone!

Ranch Manager Open is the first Livestock Management software to use a voluntary licensing model. Basically, it is crowd funded. To get started, no investment is required. Download the software and start using it today! However, the project needs your support. In order for us to continue investing in the software, you will need to contribute!


How much you contribute, is really up to you, and should be based on the value you get out of the software. By adopting this model, we are opening Ranch Manager software up to everyone; big and small.

...how can I Contribute?

Our RM Cloud Service is a yearly subscription service that allows you to synchronize your database across multiple computers and devices running Ranch Manager.


Each device receives a complete copy of your database which allows you to work remotely and off line, and then synchronize your changes when you have a network connection.

Use The RM Cloud

Support each Other

Our existing customers have a great amount of expertise using the software. By asking questions and answering questions on our support forum, you allow us to concentrate on enhancing the software!

Purchase a Flex-License

Options start as low as $20. Contribute as much and as often as you want. Your contribution is a valid business expense!


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Manage your herd on the go, in the office or in the pasture with your animals. All your livestock records on all your devices.

So, tell me more...

Ranch Manager is Livestock Software designed for the modern livestock business.  Keep detailed livestock records. Manage ID, pedigree and breeding. Record multiple actions including treatments, sales and animal locations. Track animal & herd performance including basic accounting capabilities for managing Expenses, Profit & Loss. Keep a ranch calendar and add unlimited notes to keep you organized.


Record animal-specific records all in one customized livestock program. Cattle, Sheep, Goats, Horses, Donkeys, Deer, Elk, Alpaca, Llama and Dogs– handle any combination by activating the modules that you need.


With today's technology, whether record keeping on a laptop, desktop, tablet or a mobile phone in the field, Ranch Manager is the solution you need to manage your livestock operation. Family-owned & operated, Ranch Manager Software is available on Windows & Macintosh for the Desktop/Laptop computers and on Apple iPhone and iPad for field use.

In the Office

At the Chute

In The Barn

with the Herd

Spend cold days with a warm cup of coffee in the office and your old friend Ranch Manager. The desktop software is where you will manage your operation, run reports, perform analysis and synchronize your data with your RM Cloud devices.

Working with your herd is where it's at. Take Ranch Manager on your phone and have all your data right where you need it. Record data real-time, as you work. Drop the notebook and go digital.

In the Barn or along the Chute; Ranch Manager is right there as you work your animals.  Pull an animal's detailed record on a laptop or tablet in seconds, and record any actions you perform.


Newborn animals? No problem, enter them right there in the field.  No more fighting over who lost the log book!

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