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Cattle Software

Ranch Manager for Cattle Producers!

Cattle software that is affordable and easy to use. Manage both Cow Calf and Purebred cattle records with our Ranch Manager: Cattle Software. Built for tracking cattle. Ranch Manager:

  • Detects inbreeding
  • Tracks Cattle ID, pedigree, pasture location, and cattle movements.
  • Historical Data produces a complete view of your cattle operation currently and for every year entered (including dead and unmanaged cattle).
  • Sort, filter, search, and navigate through Ranch Manager to retrieve and view data.
  • Rapid data entry.
  •  Adding cattle pictures
  • Customizable picture pedigrees.
  • Breeding Management and calculated due dates.
  • Income and expense recording with Profit and Loss report.
  • Treating multiple animals at once with vaccinations or vet visits.
  •  Interface with wand readers, download weights from cattle scales
  • Calculate average daily gain, other weight and measurement information.
  • Manage any herd size.

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