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Update Ranch Manager

For Apple Macintosh Computers, and Laptops.

Important Note for RM Cloud Users: Before installing updates it's always a good practice to synchronize your device with the RM Cloud. This will ensure that any changes that were sent to the device are received with the corresponding version they were sent with.


Use the steps below to install the latest update for Mac OS X.



  • To get started, click on the link provided here. This will start the download of Ranch Manager's Update Package. Click here to start the download.
  • When the download completes it will create a folder in your Downloads folder called "RMOpenUpdate_MAC_OS_X_3_0".
  • NOTE: If you had past updates downloaded, a number will be added at the end of the folder name. You want the highest number.
  • To go to your "Downloads" folder, from the Desktop select the "Go" menu from Finder and select "Downloads"
  • Double click on the RanchManagerUpdate_MAC_OS_X_3_0 folder to view it's contents.
  • From the "Edit" menu select "Paste Item".
  • When prompted, select "Replace"
  • You are done...go back to your Downloads folder and drag the update to the Trash bin so you do not get it mixed up when you install the next update.
  • Your finished. You can start Ranch Manager now.


If you have any questions or need assistance with your software, please select the Support link above! Thanks for using Ranch Manager!

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