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Upgrading to Ranch Manager Open

For Microsoft Windows Computers, Laptops and Tablets

  • To get started, click on the link provided here. This will start the download of Ranch Manager's Installation Package. Click here to start the download.
  • Depending on which operating system and browser you are using you may be asked a series of security related questions. Follow the instructions, but you will need to either save the file to your hard drive and then run it, or simply run it straight from the web. If a "Run" option is presented select Run
  • On Windows 10 you may get a message that this program would like to make changes to your computer. Click Yes.
  • On Windows 8 you may get a message indicating Windows Protected Your Computer. Click the More Info link, then select Run Anyway.
  • On Windows 7 you may get a message indicating the file could harm your computer. Select Actions then select the Run Anyway option.
  • Once you have run the file, the Ranch Manager installer will begin.
  • Click on the button labeled "Next".
  • Read the license agreement and click the button labeled "Yes" to accept the terms and conditions.
  • Enter your name and company name in the fields provided and click on the button labeled "Next" to continue.
  • Select the directory where you want to install Ranch Manager, or just click on the button labeled "Next" to use the default location (recommended).
  • The installer will now install Ranch Manager on your computer.
  • When it is finished click on the button labeled "Finish" to complete the installation.
  • Next you will be ready to launch and register Ranch Manager.
  • To launch Ranch Manager, double click on the desktop icon labeled "RM Open - 32 Bit" or "RM Open - 64 Bit". We ship both versions of the software, so simply use the appropriate one based on your Windows installation. You can delete the icon you will not use, once you have decided which one is appropriate for your system. If you are not sure...try the 64 Bit version first, if it does not launch, then try the 32 Bit version.
  • When Ranch Manager starts up you will be asked to enter your email address. Ranch Manager Open will use your email address to manage your license. Use an email address that you will remember when installing Ranch Manager in the future.
  • Once your email address has been entered, click OK.
  • You should get a message indicating that your license wasn't found. Select I am upgrading from an older version...
  • The next screen will show any older versions of Ranch Manager detected. Select your installation from the list.
    • Note: If your installation is not listed, select Browse and then navigate to the installation folder of your installation.
  • When done, click OK.
  • If all goes according to plan, your data will be moved over, and loaded into Ranch Manager Open!
  • Save your project.
    • Note: You can now upgrade Ranch Manager at no cost...so if you want to add additional livestock modules, you can do so by selecting Add/Remove Modules from the File menu.
  • We have moved to a new Community based Support system. In the future, if you need assistance with Ranch Manager, please start here.


If you have any questions or need assistance with your software, please select the Support link above! Thanks for using Ranch Manager!

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