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Ranch Manager for Wildlife Producers!

Use Ranch Manager Wildlife software to improve your wildlife record keeping (Deer/Elk/Exotics) for your ranching operation. Designed for all breeds of deer, elk and exotics, both large and small operations. Wildlife record keeping features include:

  • Wildlife Breeding Management
  • Linking pictures to your animals.
  • Detailed health and maintenance records.
  • Recording income and expenses and profit and loss reporting.
  • Picture pedigree.
  • Recording animal traits and more.
  • Ranch Manager tracks animal identification and important events such as breeding, antler measurements, veterinary care, and feedings.
  • Ranch Manager is designed to maintain a complete history of your wildlife operation
  • Tracks identification, pedigree, pasture location, and animal movements.
  • Historical Data produces a complete view of your operation currently and for every year entered (including dead and unmanaged animals).
  • Sort, filter, search, and navigate through Ranch Manager to retrieve and view data.
  • Rapid data entry.
  • Manage any herd size.


Note: Several producers use the Wildlife Modules to record other animals types not currently supported in Ranch Manager open, such as swine and birds. If we add additional modules in the future we will allow animals to be migrated from the Wildlife Module to the new module.

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